• willrpmelville

A Man's Shoes

Black cap oxford shiny and smooth Soft suede leather, a fine ankle shoe There's a man's shoes at the door

And they weren't there before

Last night when I got home

I left my boots there all alone

Sometime After I fell asleep last night

And slept the sleep of ethanol

A pair of boots slipped in the hall

There's an aching in my head that bade me back to bed again and when I wake again the shoes are gone

Did I dream that they were there or did they vanish into air? I didn't fall asleep for all the long...

But there's fresh footprints on the lawn

And I'm reminded of last week

When the snow was grey and bleak

You came to the show by yourself

Though you invited someone else Washing dishes at the sink where red translucent rinses pink

Did I see her hesitate an extra beat? The empty bottles on the sill, the shiny spot where something spilled

Did I see her hesitate an extra beat?

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