• willrpmelville

Road Salt (The Ballad of the Abandoned Mittens)

I remember in the winter when you took me by the hand

When princess point was frozen and there was a bitter wind

We went out past the highway where the little islands are

And looked out at the steel mills underneath the stars

And it was cold, cold, cold but I'll take the cold

But with this new winter she has all these new plans

One day she realized she'd too much in her hands

Though the lake was frozen and the ground covered in snow

I was the one she decided to let go

All alone on the side of the road

As I lie I look up at the boots passing by

Wondering what changed and why I was cast aside

We used to look so happy in my rainbow coloured fleece

Now all the colour is draining out of me

Draining out of me

As I let this road salt eat through me

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