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Early 2019 Moonlight Flood

Recent developments for Moonlight Flood include:

1) Moonlight Flood plays a show with a new drummer 2) Moonlight Flood begins recording with said drummer Here I will reflect on these.

Feb 17: Moonlight Flood at Burdock For this show we were joined by the excellent Matt Warry-Smith. Sensitive and creative player and playing with drums brings a whole level of energy to the music that I think we all enjoyed. I think it's one mark of a music pro if a person can, if you give them a chart or a recording, learn the song on their own and nail it with little or no rehearsals with the actual band. We had only two band rehearsals with MWS and he did a fantastic job at the show. While I'm saying nice things about Moonlight Flood players I should really say something good about Liam Colbert on the bass. He is also an excellent musician - similarly able to be sensitive and understand songs, and pull them off with little or no rehearsal. He's not a new member, but he definitely brings so much to the music I'd be remiss not to mention it. March 10-11: Moonlight Flood Recording Project

Flurry of a recording project. We set up a temporary studio in the basement of Matt's mom's house. This included four different rooms. The bathroom, where we put the electric amplifier, the adjacent room where we recorded acoustic guitar, then down a hallway to the laundry room where recorded the bass and drums. (long) Cables from all places were ran to the makeshift control room. Everywhere we could we set up pillows, blankets and mattresses as sound bafflers.

We began the day bright and early at 9am or so with tired but excited energy. However, after setting up all the gear and sound treatment, things ground to a halt for a while with mysterious and frustrating technical difficulties. Eventually we we got things working enough to get started despite not really figuring out exactly why things had been malfunctioning. But this was so much later than we wanted to get started, so we didn't get through everything and ended up coming back the next morning to finish it off. In the end it seems like we got a really good starting point for this project. There's a lot more to do (editing, re-recording some parts and maybe some overdubs, and then recording vocals before all the work in mixing and post stuff) but I hope the show and the recording a good indicator of some momentum and creative energy for Moonlight Flood through 2019.

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